Khush's Design Portfolio

100 days



Last year, I undertook a self-initiated 100-Day Design Challenge via @khush.jpg. I was determined to push past my limits and create something new each night, no matter how exhausted I was. My intuition proved to be a powerful tool as I delved into Photoshop & After Effects, and over time, my skills improved.

The challenge reaffirmed several valuable lessons:

  • - Don't let resistance hold you back. Trust in your intuition and take the first step.
  • - Keep showing up for yourself.. You'd do this for your friends so are you not worthy of the same?⠀
  • - Art has the power to express emotions beyond words. Embracing creativity is both fulfilling and cathartic.

I am proud to share that the majority of the pieces I selected for this project were created from day 51 onwards, showcasing my growth as an artist.